Parramatta parkrun and Carcoar Cup

In the last few weeks, the feeling associated with running has gone from pure happiness just to be out there, to fear of reinjuring my foot, to excitement over being able to race and finally landed at that feeling where I’m itching to do more, like yesterday.

My first race was almost three weeks ago, when I lined up for Parramatta parkrun. I promised myself I would take it easy, and just focus on getting through the 5km run pain free. I managed to stick to it, and after being conservative for the first half I picked it up for the run home and finished in 22.25 – not a bad effort for 8 weeks off running. The following weekend was the Bay Run, and after a 6km training run during the week I felt confident that I could manage 7. Not sure of how long it would take, I estimated 32 minutes, starting slowly once again to feel out how my foot was going. When I wasn’t in any pain, I increased the pace and finished in 29.50, two seconds slower than my Bay Run PB. That wasn’t part of the plan!

Last weekend started with parkrun again, and I wanted to try run it closer to PB pace. Sticking to my strategy of not going out too hard, I tried to push the pace in the second half, finishing in 20.49. That afternoon I went to Carcoar in country NSW for the annual Carcoar Cup, running the approx 6km Carcoar to Creek Dash. There was a bit of explaining about my formerly broken foot each time I mentioned what distance I was doing. I definitely would have loved to have been out there with the half marathon runners, but following on from Park Run, my hilly 6.39km event was tough enough.

Mostly a mental battle with myself, I had convinced myself I couldn’t catch the girl in front of me because I thought I was too tired for a race to the finish line. I decided to go for it with about 500m to go, willing the finish line to come closer because I was almost out of energy. The fast pace on the steep downhill at the end meant my ITB was complaining the next day, but it was great to win back to back runs! Getting my first prize money was nice as well.

That little taste of competition has made me want to do more, and I’m feeling pretty excited for events I have coming up. First goal is 10km at the end of this month, but my thoughts are already drifting towards Canberra Marathon in April.

One step at a time, bring it on!

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