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Catching up

Since my last post, I’ve been in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. I’ve seen floating islands, salt flats and been fishing for piranha.

Today I arrived in Rio, and I’m staying for the next week. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to post a few entries, but I do have a few things planned. Rio is great for running, the beaches are amazing, and I want to do a favela tour, see sugar loaf mountain, the Lapa steps and a day trip to Buzios. It’s going to be a busy week!

I can’t believe I only have 17 more days in Latin America. I’m already planning my fourth trip to this part of the world, I’m definitely hooked!

The best part of traveling..

Life experience.

Testing the panoramic setting on my camera

Havana, Cuba

Trinidad, Cuba

Cancun, Mexico

a few random thoughts..

1. Virgin Australia is still my favourite airline.

2. I’m starting to notice a pattern with immigration at LAX. I’ve never had any really bad experiences (at any airport). Last time was really quick, the time before really slow, and the time before that was fast. Today was SUPER slow. Does that mean I can expect it to be fast next time? Haha

3. I suspended my Vodafone contract for 3 months, and didn’t ask for roaming. But when I turned my phone on, I have signal from AT&T. Muy interesante, not sure what is up with that?

4. I need coffee REALLY badly.

That’s all for now, tonight I’m attempting to extend my knowledge of American sports :)

Next time I blog..

I’ll be in LA! It’s 3.10am and I’m leaving in about 7 hours.

Adios Sydney :)

Can’t believe I’m missing the city 2 surf this year!

My fave Sydney event :(

Good luck to all my friends who are running.

6 days to go..

My sister suggested I start a countdown, which I think is a great idea :)

I’m going to the US open!

So excited :)

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