Broken metatarsal.. picture progress

While I was walking to lunch today, I saw a colleague who noticed that I was back to walking with normal shoes and was surprised that my foot healed so quickly (7 weeks). Since the injury, I’ve done a lot of online research about broken metatarsal bones. I’ve read a lot of stories about bad breaks and the time they took to heal, that made me realise I’m pretty lucky to be back on my feet already. Most of them were from more serious accidents, like falling off a swing or a roof, not a running related stress fracture that turned into a real fracture. But the good news is that my injury is evidence that a non displaced fracture can heal relatively quickly.

A few weeks ago, I took this picture showing the progress from 3 days after the fracture happened to 33 days after. Big difference!

And yesterday, for the first time in seven weeks I went out without supportive shoes on.

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