Central Coast 10km

The past few weeks of running have highlighted the highs and lows of returning from my injury.

In what was a huge surprise to myself, my third and fourth runs at Parramatta Park Run resulted in two PBs in a row, both under the all important 20 minute mark for 5km. I thought that speed would have been the first thing I lost, so I wasn’t expecting to run anywhere my current best of 19.32.

I think it ended up giving me a false sense of security about how well I was doing, because stepping up to 10km at the Central Coast event on Sunday was another story altogether. I did have some doubts before the run how I would go over the distance, but it was overshadowed by the feeling that my 5km time suggested I could run a PB. That was definitely out of the question.

The first half of the run wasn’t too bad, although I wasn’t feeling my best. By about 6km I could tell I had slowed down a lot and the temptation to quit was almost overwhelming. I nearly did just before the 7km mark, when I stopped to walk.

The night before, I had a seen a post on Facebook that said something along the lines of running not being about beating the other athletes, but beating the voice that tells you to quit. I shared it on my page, along with a comment about how it’s totally about winning. I’m competitive, and I my finishing position is important to me, but on that day it actually was about not giving up.

I started running again simply because I didn’t want a DNF just because I was a bit tired. The last 3km felt like they took longer than the first 7km, and I was ecstatic to cross the finish line and stop running.

My dad summed it up best when he said that it probably just meant I was fit enough for 5km, but not 10km. It makes sense and is a natural part of recovering from an injury – rebuilding conditioning. And on that day, it was a good reminder that these things to take time and patience. One step at a time!

Even though it wasn’t close to PB pace, I still achieved the target for November in my comeback timeline – 10km. Next race distance, half marathon in January!

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